Boudoir (boo Dwar'),n.[Fr.,pouting room], a woman's private room

    That's what Webster calls it. Today's portrait photographers, have given a new twist to the definition. "Boudoir, in the vernacular of the pro, is a soft sensuous, suggestive (but not necessarily revealing), slightly flirtatious portrait of a woman made expressly for that special man in her life.

    Boudoir portraiture has been a part of photographic history for years. Spend some time browsing through your local library's collection of photography and art books and you'll soon realize we're continuing a traditional form of photography and not inaugurating a new one.

    Boudoir photography has no season. It is the type of thing a woman can give to the man in her life for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays - any time is right. It makes the perfect gift. Men appreciate the alluring results, women love the glamour, fantasy and fun of it all. And as a photographer, I enjoy the challenge of making each woman look and feel like a temptress. "Boudoir" should become a part of the life-cycle portraits, along with baby, senior, and wedding portraits.


        An average sitting includes 20 to 30 poses and can last from an hour to an hour and a half. there is usually always a clothing change. "Something dark and something light". The actual session starts with several close-ups, followed by half-length, then full-length poses. Then a change of clothing and the same sequence is repeated. Eye direction and facial expression are altered slightly for each shot.

        The key element of this type of portraiture is soft focus and lighting. It is responsible for setting the proper romantic mood needed for a successful shot.

        Since careful attention to costuming and props is essential to the success of a setting, a presetting conference is helpful to both me as the photographer and you as the model. My approach is simply to make suggestions regarding the style of clothing that will photograph well in the environment in which we'll be working. I let you, my subject make the final choices based on what you like and feel comfortable wearing. Helpful suggestions are always wear sheer nude colored nylons from toe to waist. It firms up the legs, lends tone and makes you feel comfortable and apply your make up "as if you are going out for the evening".

        I have a variety of props to help project that feeling of femininity desired, including furs, lingerie and feather boas.

        Shooting usually takes place in the studio, but I offer the option of doing Boudoir photography on location.

        You also have the choice of being photographed by a women, if you prefer.


        Sitting fees - starts at $50 for an hour and a half studio time.

                                         4 wallet size color photos for $10    

                                                             5  x  7    color   $18                             

              8  x  10  color   $29

            11  x  14  color   $39

            16  x  20  color   $79

            20  x  24  color   $99

             larger sizes available p.o.r.

             Hair Stylist and Makeup available p.o.r.

All photos are custom printed and every one has retouching done to it to diminish blemishes, lines, and imperfections. It makes the women look her best.

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